UTG EXCLUSIVE: RX Bandits Are “all pretty hip to the idea of making new music”

RX Bandits just wrapped up their excellent 10-year anniversary tour for their 2003 release, The Resignation. You can view our pics from the opening date in San Francisco here.

11 dates later on July 20, UTG staffers Derek Scancarelli and Josh Hammond caught up with those damn bandits at the New York date for an interview where they discussed everything from The Resignation tour, to the members’ various side projects, to Steve Choi’s hilarity filled Twitter posts, but one moment in particular that got our bones shaking with excitement and anticipation was when the band was asked about further plans to tour or record a new album.

Frontman Matt Embree explains, “We have no plans to tour…but…we’re just gonna see how it goes. And, um, you know, I think we’re all pretty hip to the idea of making new music.” Guitarist/keyboardist Steve Choi follows up with, “One step at a time.”

While this may come as no surprise to fans that have felt that RX Bandits could never truly part ways, especially with live performances seeming to be more frequent in the past year or so (and their recently released covers EP), this is still great news to any and all that are familiar with and/or love any and all creative output from this exceptionally talented California outfit. New material would be welcomed and cherished.

Our full video interview with RXB will be live on UTG tomorrow afternoon at 1pm EST so check back to get the scoop on all things RX Bandits.

Brian Leak
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    Yes! Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!