DAMMIT: Miss Spoof Films? Don’t Worry, “The Starving Games” Are On The Way!

The talk of the Mayan calendar foretelling the end of the world has been disproven by countless scientists, but this morning’s movie news does affirm our belief that humanity is slipping ever closer to the edge of extinction.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the two guys who struck gold with Scary Movie over a decade ago before turning their (lack of) writing talents to parodying every genre and major feature they could craft a poop joke around, have announced they are beginning work on a parody film based off The Hunger Games entitled, The Starving Games. Peter Safran will produce through his Safran Co. shingle with K5 selling the flick’s international rights at Cannes.

I know, I want to burn down Hollywood too.

As ridiculous as this news is, I hate to say we should have seen it coming. The Hunger Games was massively successful and now, with Avengers shattering even more records, it only makes sense that these two would fight their way from whatever hell they were locked in after making Vampires Suck to once again flood Hollywood with subpar storytelling and jokes only children would find amusing.

We won’t be lining up for this one and I sincerely hope you will miss it too.

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