Brand New To Put Out New Music This Summer, According To Fan On Twitter

Brand New

Michael Rugenus is a freelance graphic designer from New Jersey. Last night, he attended the first live concert of mysterious supergroup Shone at Mercury Lounge in New York City.

You know who else was in attendance? Jesse Lacey, the frontman of Brand New. Based on a few tweets from Rugenus, aka @Bigg_Tuna, over the course of the night, it appears that he managed to strike up a conversation with the singer-songwriter. If Rugenus’ tweets are to be believed, it looks like Lacey decided to drop a bombshell during their chat – that Brand New would have new music out some time in the summer.

Check out some of Rugenus’ tweets about his conversation with Lacey after the jump.

@joncorsiglia he told me new music by summer

But how can we take @Bigg_Tuna’s word for it? Well, based on some photos he tweeted prior to his purported meet with Lacey, Rugenus was close to the sound boards. Seems a likely place the Brand New frontman would lurk.

Here is Rugenus with Lacey, presumably during their chat.

jesse lacey brand new music

Rugenus hasn’t commented on the tweets since last night. At that point, a number of media outlets had already reported on the story. His tweets and twit pics remain online as of press time.

Brand New’s last album Daisy came out in 2009. While the band has mentioned since then that they have been working on new songs, they have not released or played live any new material.

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