Crowd Destroys Equipment After Death Grips Skip Lollapalooza Aftershow, Publish Fan’s Crazy Suicide Note

The Death Grips saga is one of many bizarre turns. The last post we had on the noise hip hop group featured drummer Zach Hill handcuffing himself and playing the drums impressively while cuffed. Last night, Death Grips were slated to play a Lollapalooza aftershow at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Instead of performing, Death Grips published a Gmail screenshot of a fan’s suicide note while their studio recordings played in the background. After fans knew the band wasn’t coming, they revolted and destroyed the equipment on stage that was presumably Death Grips’. The band and venue have not since commented.

That said, there is video footage of the destruction, and a Reddit user got all of the suicide letter. We’ve accused the band of doing insane publicity stunts before, but the last time that happened, it wasn’t a publicity stunt. You can read the note (be warned, though, it does appear to be borderline insane) and watch video of the chaos here after the break. Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments.

“SUBJECT: ready DATE: July 9

I am ready to take my own life. Many bad experiences led me to this dark void that I am locked in. Maybe by my own hands? I don’t really care anymore. I just wanted to say thank you for showing me the other side. the side that is locked away deep inside a person. I am mad. Mad all the time and depressed all the time. I can’t take it. I’m not afraid of dying but i am afraid that I can’t hear DG in the after life if there is such a thing. I don’t know, but I hope your music transcends to the unknown. A place where DG’s essence exists. A place where art exists. I love art. That’s the one thing that kept me alive? this long. So just to ease minds, DG didn’t “influence” me to do this. this is my own fucking choice. but thanks for making my life a little better. you’re my absolute fave and I will fight the gods if they don’t allow me to follow DG’s efforts can’t see Earth. Anyways, continue doing great things. I love you Stefan, Zach, and Andy.

I will be watching.

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Dan Bogosian
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