A Cursive Memory – Changes

Band: A Cursive Memory
Album: Changes
Genre: Powerpop
Label: Vagrant

1. South 
2. Everything 
3. Changes 
4. Perfect Company 
5. Bank 
6. Lions 
7. The Piano Song 
8. Tonight Lites 
9. All the Weak 
10. A Different Kind Of Love 
11. Believe 
12. Figure It Out 

Driving around with the convertible roof down and just loving life is how ‘A Cursive Memory’ sounds in their new album ‘Changes’. They have a distinct pop-rock feel to their style of music. To be blaintly honest, this band has a style that sounds like a mixture of the Jonas Brothers, the Cab, and Coldplay. Since this band is fairly new, (2006), they sound like a bunch of ameteurs. 

Here’s the breakdown, their first track ‘South’ has a good beat and great rhythm, but as for the lyrics, it’s horrid. ‘Everything’ kinda has that “spelling bee” vibe and it also is very catchy. ‘Changes’ is a little bit better than the rest of their album. It sounds well put together both musically and lyrically. ‘Perfect Company’ has a slower sound to it, reminds me of my freshman year in high school dancing at homecoming. ‘Bank’ is just plain annoying, I can’t understand what lead singer, Colin, is singing, sir you need to articulate more. ‘ Lions’ reminds me of ‘Perfect Company’, it has enough potential for a sappy love song. 

‘The Piano Song’ is probably the only salvagable song on this entire album. ‘Tonight Lites’ reminds me of a bad version of ‘Thunder’ by Boys Like Girls. ‘All the Weak’ sounds like a summer camp sing along; repetative and annoying. ‘A Different Kind of Love’ has potential to be a good song, but Colin really doesn’t have the voice to make it on top of the charts. ‘Believe’ is totally unoriginal and shows their hidden, “boy-band” abilities. They say, ‘We all want something beautiful’, and this just isn’t it. ‘Figure It Out’ well my stereo sure did…it stopped working. This album just hurts my ears.

Bypass this album at the record store if you want to save your hearing capabilities. It doesn’t sound quite finished nor does the band sound like they’re all put together. Don’t get me wrong, I can tolerate some of their music, it’s just their lyrics that make me gag. This album shouldn’t be considered a full-length album, it is more like a jam session that someone happened to record one day. 

 *Written By:Trish K*

Grade: 2.5/10

James Shotwell

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