Jeffree Star – Cupcakes Taste Like Violence


Band: Jeffree Star
Album: Cupcakes Taste Like Violence
Genre: Powerpop/Electronica
Label: Popsicle Records

1. Miss Boombox
2. Lollipop Luxury
3. Cupcakes Taste Like Violence
4. Picture Perfect
5. So Fierce
6. Heart Surgery [UVEV Remix]

For the first time in UTG history, I’m at a loss of words when it comes to an album [though that’s not the term to use here]. Cupcakes Taste Like Violence, the label debut of Mr. Jeffree Star [“The Queen of Myspace”] cannot be explained really other than to ask why such an album is being released [especially with a major label backing]. Out of curiosity of what Mr. Star would deliver to the world, UTG requested this album a couple of weeks back [the release date is 12/9] and I would be lying if I said I have listened to the entire thing in one sitting more than twice in that time. Even with a length of only 6 songs, Cupcakes Taste Like Violence is hard to bare, let alone swallow and should be avoided if you have any musical taste whatsoever.

I know, that’s a horrible forward way to start a review, but in this case, it was necessary as I, along with other UTG staff have no idea what else one can say. From the album art to the lyrics, it’s all about shock value and it rarely makes one do anything other than reach for ear plugs. Star seems to enjoy using the, “c” word in order to raise eyebrows, but it all comes across as forced and uninteresting. In fact, the use of such a term is a sign of just how desperate for attention it comes across. No one that’s ever had a real career has needed to drop such a term, yet Star manages to do it multiple times and with no care in his mind. We get it, you’re not like everyone else, what else do you got?

Though I hate to give this release any credit, I will say some of the music has a catchy beat to it. I will add though, that with such catchy beats, all the downfall comes straight from the mouth and style of Star. His apathetic rudeness translates as nothing short of Diva in vein of Whitney Houston via 2004 and 2005. That’s right, the period where we all just wanted to help her or have her help herself so that we could get the great whitney back. However, unlike Houston, we’ve yet to find a redeeming side to Star as his online persona is bigger than the person and the subject of about as much online tabloid talk as Brad and Angelina in real magazines.

Jeffree Star’s Cupcakes Taste Like Violence is a symbol of everything that is wrong in the music industry today. Flash in the pan people and bands being thrown into major light just because of their online friend count or how much they sound like another band whose big at the moment. What happened to building an artist’s career and developing real music? This album honestly depresses me as it’s a product of the same industry we at UTG come from and want to be more involved in. Don’t listen to this album, don’t let friends listen to it, and don’t support Jeffree Star. Let’s make this album the last straw and let labels know we won’t take anymore of this fluff garbage.


*Written By: James Shotwell*

Grade: 0.5/10

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12 Responses to “Jeffree Star – Cupcakes Taste Like Violence”

  1. Fzt says:

    Dunno if anyone else noticed, but track 3 is really just an awful mutilation of “Moving in Stereo” —

  2. jstarlover says:

    i fucking love the cd :D
    i cant wait till the FULL LENGTH “Beauty Killer”
    and just letting you guys now, Jeffree made the position #4 on the Top Electronic Albums, first week of the debut with no promotion what so ever, besides his myspace. Jeffree Star is hear to stay…Beauty Kille will blow everyones minds.

  3. Chris says:

    i thought u were being nice giving it a score like that

  4. Jim Bennett says:

    Keep working ,great job!

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  6. XRumerTest says:

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  9. need to improve your writing skills man

  10. i agree with the above commenter… lame work

  11. Trigleth says:

    Great post! Lovely!

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