Dan Deacon’s Poster Contest

Courtesy of Pitchfork

Dan Deacon is firing up the veggie bus once again this fall for a tour starting October 1. And to promote the trek, he’s set up an insane poster contest. This isn’t your typical “design a poster” contest. The poster, created by Post Typography, is actually already in place, and pictured above. What you have to do is name every single one of the 243 cartoon characters drawn on it. There goes my Friday night.

A big version of the poster is here, the answer form is here, and a numbered diagram of the poster is here. (Don’t worry, they already identified “Super-Obsessed-Too-Big-Glasses-Wearing-Super-Dan-Fan,” “Really Bad Drawing of Philip Glass,” and “Skull on a Skateboard” for you.)
If you’re the first person to send in an answer form with all the characters correctly identified to postercontest@whamcity.com, there is a prize. Actually, four prizes:

01 $500 cash
02 A portrait of you painted by Dan Deacon.
03 One of the last copies of Wham City Box Set #1.
05 A copy of each of Dan Deacon’s first eight impossible-to-find releases: Silly Hat vs. Egale Hat, Meetlemice, Goose on the Loose, A Green Cobra Is Awesome vs. the Sun, Porky Pig, Twacky Cats, Live 2003, and Acorn Master.

Good luck, everybody!

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