With The Punches explain UK tour cancellation

According to With The Punches, the group stated that they were recently denied entry into the UK and had to cancel their UK tour dates. Read the statements below and let UTG know what you think about this change of plans for the group.

Both of the statements from the group:

To anyone who hasn’t heard, we unfortunately had to cancel our UK tour due to immigration not allowing us in the country. We are extremely sorry and apologize to everyone who was planning on coming out. No one is more bummed out on this than us. We love you all and deeply appreciate the continued support!

Sunday night the five of us boarded a plane to the UK excited for our first international tour, playing slam dunk, and finally getting to meet all of the cool UK kids who we’ve talked to via the internet in the last few years. We got there, headed for customs, got pulled aside, detained for several hours then put back on a plane and sent back home to NY. Tour cancelled, hearts broken, and sleep patterns destroyed. I’m not bitching, just wanted everyone to know how much this sucks for us to not get to play these shows for you guys. We’ll be back, and we’ll actually make it out of the airport next time. Sorry.

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