Lady Gaga in talks to portray Amy Winehouse?

The Daily Star, a celebrity tabloid if there ever was one, is reporting today that “Hollywood Insiders” are claiming Lady Gaga is currently in talks to portray Amy Winehouse in a yet-to-be-announced biopic.

According to their “insider” –

Lady Gaga worshipped Amy and would love nothing more than to transform herself into her idol on the big screen. She’d be spot on performing Amy’s songs and has got the right look and bolshy attitude.

Later in the piece, the “insider” also added:

Gaga’s been itching to make the transition from music into movies and sees this as the ideal role to launch her film career. Gaga’s management team had been discussing possible film ventures before Amy’s untimely death. But there’s only ever been one role she wants and that’s to play Amy.

Let us make it clear that this news is coming from a source known for crafting just as much bullshit as fact. Take this story with a grain of salt until we can provide more concrete details.

James Shotwell

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