New details about Miranda Cosgrove crash


The tour bus accident that caused Miranda Cosgrove to suffer a broken ankle last Thursday was a potentially life-threatending accident that left Cosgrove’s driver in a critical condition. Cosgrove has yet to comment publicly on the crash–excluding her tweets thanking her followers for their support and assuring everyone that she was fine–but photos reveal extensive damage to the two vehicles involved.

While en route to Kansas as part of her Dancing Crazy Tour, Cosgrove’s tour bus came face t face with a semi-truck. Instead of swerving out of the way, the driver of the tour bus decided to hit the brakes. The two vehicles crashed, and a piece of the semi-truck crashed through the window, slicing the driver’s arm. The driver was seriously injured, requiring an airlift to a local hospital, where he received stitches and other treatment. Thankfully, he is now in stable condition.

All the passengers were reportedly “shaken up” by the crash, but most were uninjured. Cosgrove, who was sleeping on a couch towards the front of the bus, broke her ankle, but those sleeping further back were unharmed.

Photos from the scene show heavy damage to the front of the bus, and the semi-truck can be seen flipped onto its side.

Everyone injured in the crash is expected to fully recover.

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