LMFAO joke about VMA debut


LMFAO will make their debut as nominated artists this year at the MTV Video Music Awards, with their video for “Party Rock Anthem” up for Best Choreography. But the duo feel there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why they have never been invited to the awards show before.

SkyBlu says that,

The last 28 invitations got lost.

RedFoo adds,

We always move every year, and the Postal Service hasn’t figured it out. And we always get the things, like, ‘That was three months ago; could have went.’

The two are unintimidated by their competition in the category, which includes VMA heavyweights Britney Spears (“Till the World Ends”), Bruno Mars (“The Lazy Song”), Lady Gaga (“Judas”) and Beyoncé (“Run the World [Girls]”). SkyBlu warns them:

We gonna have to go ahead and take that. We’re gonna have to go take that back to the shack … we’ve already won. The whole world’s shuffling. We made so many people happy [and] so many people made us happy. I feel like we’ve already won, so thank you.

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