30 Seconds To Mars making a film against EMI

30 seconds to mars 3stm

30 Seconds To Mars have decided to make a movie about their legal troubles with record label EMI over their 2009 album, This Is War.

Bob Lefsetz, American music figure, confirmed the project in a lengthy blog post about meeting Jared Leto (the band’s front man) on his Lefsets Letter blog.

Lefsets wrote:
“He’s [Leto] making a movie about 30 Seconds To Mars and its fight with EMI in the wake of the Terra Firma takeover. They were bugging me eons ago, but then faded away, I saw the album came out, I figured the film was shelved. But then Jared himself tracked me down, said it was still on and would I come on camera and testify.”

In 2007 EMI was bought by private equity firm Terra Firma for £3.2 billion. Shortly after the band tried to extricate themselves from their contract and EMI threatened to sue them for $30 million. The lawsuit was dropped and the band carried on with EMI for the release to their 2009 record.

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