“Paranormal Activity 3” Gets Even More Viral, New Footage Online


When promoting films these days, you need to be creative. In the past there was a clear line between films that could afford to promote and those that could not (ie indie). Thanks to the internet, this is no longer an issue. Social networking connects millions in milliseconds and as a result, those who are the most creative are those most able to keep our ever-fleeting attention.

Bloody-Disgusting, AKA one of the coolest sites on the net, received a VHS tape and player in the mail this week labeled “September 1988” (VHS, for those younger readers, is the brick-like device we used before DVDs). The footage on the tape provided the first look at the horror that awaits us in October’s Paranormal Activity 3 and thanks again to BD, we can now share that footage with you.

For those who can’t connect the dots or have failed to follow the promotion for PA3 until now, the third entry in this genre-redefining series tells us how it all began with a story (and footage) straight out of 1988. The originators of the series are back on board and if the clip below is any sign of things to come, I think it’s safe to say this will be the best entry yet.

James Shotwell

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