Anthony Green gives insight on the next year and his music.


With the recognition and success that Circa Survive have gained since the band started in 2004, and the release of three successful albums, fans have awaited the follow up to 2010’s “Blue Sky Noise.” Circa Survive’s front man Anthony Green has also gained some spotlight himself with his solo project that has seen the release of one album to date, “Avalon” in 2008. In recent interviews and in talks to fans while on Circa Survive’s most recent tour, Anthony Green has given information on the future of some of his musical projects.

Circa Survive is set to release their next album in the spring or summer of 2012. Regarding Green’s solo project, “Beautiful Things” has said to have a release date of either January 22nd or 23rd of next year. Green then plans to proceed by releasing another solo album called “Young Legs” in October or November of 2012. The release of “Young Legs” will mark the third and final album to complete his contract with Photofinish records.

Green has said at a recent Circa Survive show that after meeting the agreements of this contract, he plans to release his solo work online for free while still offering the option to buy CD’s or Vinyl. Green is also working on a project with Casey Crescenzo from The Dear Hunter in which is set to release an EP in 2012. There are also other projects aside from his solo work, Circa Survive and the developing project with Crescenzo that Green has hinted at, but has not said much about at this time.

Written by Onyee Ijebuonwu

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