SINGLE REVIEW: Jonny X Kyle X Midnite – “Party And The Dream”

Artist: Jonny X Kyle X Midnite
Song: “Party And The Dream”
Label: Gold Standard / Artery Recordings

The second tune from the Jonny X Kyle X Midnite project has dropped. I liked the first one, despite its shortcomings. I really don’t like this one.

Frankly, the song feels slapped together. The instrumental holds it together as best it can. That’s easily the most cohesive part of the song. The rest is a mess. Kyle Lucas‘ verses cut immediately into Jonny Craig‘s chorus without much of a transition. Their parts just don’t match up. Even the “signature” wailing of Jonny Craig towards the ending is sub par.

Now, this song first appeared in 2013. I saw it performed live. It wasn’t bad in a live setting, but the problems that appear throughout the recorded track don’t come up when it’s being played on stage. It’s strange to me that they are using such an old cut for this new LP. A new mix would certainly improve the song by a noticeable degree.

While “We Black Hearts Bear The Cross” wears like a loose t-shirt — comfortable with room to grow — “Party And The Dream” fits like mismatched socks. There’s more to hear from the project, but so far, it’s one for two.

This review first appeared on Jacob’s blog

Jacob Tender
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