Coheed and Cambria post teaser video.


Finally, they are back. Coheed and Cambria thrilled fans today by posting a teaser video (after the jump) showing the band practicing a new song. This alone is enough for any child of the Fence to ruffle their Prise feathers. If you didn’t understand any of that last sentence, I suggest you read the Amory Wars and get informed.

Before that however, this video has to give you the double whammy. The video shows 3 members of the band that until recently comprised of two. Intrigued?

In August, bassist Michael Todd was removed from the band lineup after he attempted a robbery at a Walgreens before a show. Then, in November, drummer Chris Pinnie left the band. Leaving lead vocalist Claudio Sanchez and guitarist Travis Stever to continue writing their upcoming record. Until…

…speculation of the return of Josh Eppard (Terrible Things, 3, Weerd Science) started buzzing around the Cobalt & Calcium message boards. Josh left in November of 2006 for personal reasons and focused on his rap project and super group Terrible Things. As of late however, it seems as if his rejoining is eminent. This new video hasn’t officially confirmed Eppard’s return, but it has surely convinced some fans.

If you know anything about drumming, you may notice that the drummer hidden in the teaser is playing open hand. A style Eppard is known for using. That smile on Claudio’s face is telling as well. Again, this is still speculation. We expect an official announcement soon.

See what you think after watching the teaser below.

Jacob Tender

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  • Robbie

    epic. josh is coming to represent.