DON’T DO IT: Someone Is Trying To Remake “American Psycho”


Dammit, Hollywood. Yesterday I gave you a pass even though news of Grown Ups 2 and the trailer The Three Stooges essentially destroyed all joy I have for comedy, then you go ahead and do something even more idiotic today.

Variety is reporting that someone trying to make a name for themselves is attempting to tackle the challenge of re-adapting Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho. This fool’s name? Noble Jones (According to IMDB, his ONLY credit is second unit assistant director work on The Social Network).

The article goes on to say that Lionsgate is behind the production, but that it has yet to actually be greenlit. We would hope this means they’re cautious of trying to remake such a classic (especially one that was only released in 2000), but then we remembered Lionsgate also released the shit-tastic American Psycho 2 and sighed the saddest sigh of the week.

Stay tuned for updates, hopefully those relating to the canceling of the project, and feel free to sound off with geek rage in the comments.

James Shotwell

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