Louis C.K. Releases New Special, “Live At The Beacon Theater,” Exclusively Online For Only $5


Comedian Louis C.K. defines the term “prolific.” From his policy of creating a new hour-long special a year, to editing his own television (which he also writes), Louis is continually setting the bar higher and higher for those hoping to pave their own way in the entertainment industry. Today he takes ever-present push towards advancement even further with the digital-only release of his new special, Live At The Beacon Theater.

Released exclusively on his official website, Live At The Beacon Theater follows the critically-acclaimed special Hilarious with even more insight into Louis’ world and way of thinking. You can purchase a copy, which only cost $5, right here.

We should not have to sell anyone on Louis C.K., but those on the fence over parting with $5 should click past the link to view an out-take from the special.

James Shotwell

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  • Tony

    I love Louie CK! I’ve listened to him on Opie & Anthony for years, seen him live, watched his TV show, and just bought the special. I’m a fan.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear it! I downloaded this before we ran the news yesterday. It is terrific