Jonny Craig Titles Second Solo Album “The Blue Print For Going In Circles,” Plans To “Spill It All”


It has been a rough few months for Dance Gavin Dance vocalist Jonny Craig, but a post on his Facebook last night has given his remaining fans hope for the new year.

Craig updated the Status of his personal account just before 10PM EST last night with details on his forthcoming second solo album, due sometime in 2012. In the post, Craig wrote:

jamming my new beats im gonna kill for my solo shit. cd title is The blue print for going in cirlces my life this last past 2 years has been a circle trying to stay off drugs and keep my relationship with larkin alive but in the end i have nothing and now its time to spill it ALL no matter how bad it makes me look this is my life and im gonna let the world know everything i have done. my music is truth i hold nothing back. PLANS CHANGE.

UTG is currently reaching out to Craig for more details, but at this time have heard no response. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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