UPDATE: Earache Claims Oceano NOT Breaking Up, Going On “Hiatus” Instead


Word has been pouring in regarding the demise of Oceano, but a recent series of posts from the group’s label has clarified the situation once and for all.

A representative for Earache posted the following messages regarding news of the breakup:

“Keepin’ it real dept: OCEANO is on hiatus for a while, while frontman Adam Warren takes care of his newborn son. Congrats Adam!”

“OCEANO playing a final show at New England Metal fest 2012, before going on hiatus.”

Some of you can breathe a sigh of relief now, just like For Today, they will probably be back before you know it. That said, just in case something else arises, make sure you attend New England Metal fest 2012!

James Shotwell

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  • EmpireEraser

    just so you know this is from their official Facebook:
    to clear everything up, Oceano is NOT looking for a new singer. New
    England Metal and Hardcore Festival will be one of the last Oceano shows
    ever, and yes, Adam will be there. Thanks for all of your support.”https://www.facebook.com/OceanoMetal

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment. We actually posted another article on this event which featured that post. Reposting it here may help some however, so thanks!

  • I really loved reading through it Really this articles is very useful to me Thanks to sharing

  • Fortodaybooking

    I’m a member of For Today. We are not on hiatus, nor have we ever been. It’s unfortunate that you posted that as none of us have ever said we were. Now you confused our fans! We are in the studio right now and we have tours booked for the whole year. Sorry to our fans that this site mislead you!

  • Grant Trimboli

    We understand you might have been confused by the comment referring to For Today in this article. UTG was simply drawing a relation to the birth of Adam’s child to the recent birth of Mattie’s child.

    We, in now way, intended to mislead both bands and wish you all the best of luck  in future and with your families.

    – Grant Trimboli
    Managing New Editor

  • queenbitch666

    so they’re on a FOR SURE hiatus? or FOR SURE not getting back together? or what?….

  • Thanks for posting all the great information! Keep sharing more articles like this Good luck