The Used Premiere “I Come Alive,” Stream It Now!

The Used have partnered with the ever-popular KROQ to premiere the first single off their forthcoming album and UTG has the link you need!

Released only a short while ago, “I Come Alive” should leave smiles on any and all fans of the group worldwide. If this is any sign of what listeners can expect on Vulnerable, The Used may very well be on the brink of their biggest album in years. Click here to stream “I Come Alive” now!

After you listen, sound off in the comments and let UTG know your thoughts on the return of The Used. We think it sounds a bit like Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, how about you?

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4 Responses to “The Used Premiere “I Come Alive,” Stream It Now!”

  1. Gfegan says:

    best shit since the in love and death album!

  2. Kashsh says:

    Wow. Btw it sounds nothing like drugs- whoever wrote this article must be 14 years old.

  3. I can definitely understand the DRUGS reference. Especially in the opening bit and sparatic chunks throughout the middle. It’s possible that it’s just a bit of residual ideas the Feldman had from the DRUGS record. Regardless, it maintains the maniacal melodies I’d expect from The Used. This could be good.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Great upcoming tour for these guys… loved The Used back since the
    Maybe Memories album. and Dead Sara is one of my new favorites. Weatherman is
    just pure rock gold!