RUMOR: Earl Sweatshirt No Longer Involved In Odd Future?


Following a few strange events on social networks over the past few days, word is beginning to spread that rapper Earl Sweatshirt may no longer be a part of the hip hop collective known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Sweatshirt, born Thebe Kgositsile, returned home earlier this week from a boarding school in Somoa where he had been sent prior to Odd Future’s mainstream success in mid-2011. He took to Twitter earlier tonight to announce his return and shortly thereafter requested 50,000 followers before new material would surface. It took only six hours to achieve his goal and now, for the first time in over year, people can hear new lines from Earl Sweatshirt (click here).

The only problem with all this great news is the mysterious silence surrounding the other Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Members regarding Sweatshirt’s new material. Not only have no members of the collective mentioned the track, either in reference or with a link since its release earlier this evening, but a series of tweets from Tyler, The Creator has lead many to wonder if the once great friendship is still in tact. You can view the tweets in question below:

Tyler's Twitter feed

Tyler's feed continued. (Note: The updates on Golf Wang do not involve Earl Sweatshirt)


As with anything related to Odd Future, the story is not that easy and in no way ends here. Hodgy Beats, another member of the OFWGKTA collective, had the following to say on the subject of Earl earlier this evening:

Hodgy Beats' Twitter comment

Clearly there is more to the story than OFWGKTA are letting on, but we wanted to make sure these accusations are simply RUMOR at this time. Do not believe everything you read on the internet, especially when it involves musicians.

At the time of this post (11:47PM), Earl Sweatshirt had yet to comment on the situation. UTG is reaching out to representatives for the group and will keep you updated as the story, if there is one, develops.

UPDATE: As of 9AM Eastern this morning, no representative for Earl or Odd Future has made an official comment on this situation, but the suspicious Tweets continue to pour in.

Shortly after we post this article last night, Tyler The Creator let out another string of Earl-centric tweets before breaking down and returning to his normal OFWGKTA promo ways:


In addition to Tyler’s comments, OFWGKTA’s resident pothead Domo Genesis tweeted about his confusion over the situation as well:


UTG has continued to reach out to the members of OFWGKTA, but no response has been received yet. We will continue to update this story as more details become available.

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    The fuck?

  • Philly412

    if you read Home as a good bye song to OF, telling them he’s outgrown them, what does it look like? self-loathing narcissist is better than Tyler’s paradox
    Knock knock is a better rhyme too!
    He is now the alpha male. fuck you, tyler
    he is shitting on them

    Syd had fucking beats waiting on the nigga and everything. What the fuck!
    That’s stupid as fuck. I’m fucking angry as shit.