UTG PHOTOS: Less Than Jake (2/23/12)


Under The Gun sent staff photographer Kellie Gannon to photograph Less Than Jake on tour.

Thursday, February 23rd was bound to be a fun night at Peabody’s in Cleveland, OH.  Less Than Jake is currently on their 20th Anniversary Tour and they certainly had a lot of fun, energy, and antics in store for this sold out show.  Despite the crowd being packed all the way to the doors, multiple circle pits managed to form throughout the evening and the crowd matched the energy of the bands throughout the entire show. 

Flatfoot 56, a Celtic punk rock band from Chicago, took the stage and caught my eyes and ears immediately with their style and use of additional instruments that aren’t often seen in most punk bands.  Wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes, we were treated to a more traditional Celtic sound infused with raw punk beats, as well as a mandolin later in the set.  Samiam took the stage next.  Fun fact – this punk rock band from Berkeley, CA was formed in 1988, coincidentally the same year I was born.  Lead vocals, Jason, came out in a “sorry I’m not sorry” fashion, calling out a girl in the crowd for texting during their set, and rocking the stage with endless attitude and vigor.

Less Than Jake had the longest and most animated set of all.  Between playing classic and newer songs alike, they jumped around the stage, joked with the crowd, almost got knocked over by crowd surfers a few times, started multiple circle pits, and even brought out a Money Grab machine they made themselves, picked a fan from the crowd, and played the Animaniacs theme song while she grabbed flying paper money all to earn free LTJ merchandise.  Overall it was a very fun, high energy but laid back show.  Less Than Jake is always a crowd pleaser and it was fun to get new energy and different sounds into Peabody’s.  Check out photos from this show below and be sure to check out this tour!

Flatfoot 56


Less Than Jake

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