DAMMIT: Katy Perry’s 3D Movie Arrives This Summer


We knew it was a possibility, but now UTG can confirm pop star Katy Perry will release her first film this Summer.

Confirmed tonight via her twitter, Katy Perry: Part Of Me is the 3D concert event movie no one said they wanted, or knew they hated, until now. Few details are available, but Paramount is releasing and an article from THR rumors Project Runway and Top Chef creators Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz may be producing.

Let’s forget UTG’s hatred of Perry’s recent singles for a second and look at this film for what it is: A shameless ploy for cash from consumers unable to afford or attend actual Katy Perry concerts. You can say it’s “for the fans” all you want, but the presence of 3D alone should be enough to let you know the last thing on anyone’s mind behind this film is the people in the audience. This is about money, and while I’m sure some of you will neglect this post altogether, it’s the truth.

Go back, rework the film to be a 2D release, and THEN try and pitch it to your audience as something that must be seen. All gimmicks aside, would there be anything left?

James Shotwell

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