DAMMIT: The Bunny The Bear Continue To Make Music

the bunny the bear 2012

The Bunny The Bear have announced plans to release yet another album in May.

The third worst band to sign to Victory Records in the last decade (behind Dr. Acula and Design The Skyline), The Bunny The Bear are one of the “insert word”-core acts that refuses to die even though the age of Myspace has officially rotted into nothing more than a digital corpse. Their debut album was so bad three different site critics had to be assigned it just to have a review come back that was longer than “fuck this band” and now they have more on the way. A video announcing their album, which finds “The Bunny” talking directly to the camera while wearing his $5 party store mask, can be found after the jump.

Before you ask, no, we do not have The Stomach For another round of their bullshit laid to tape.

We have wasted plenty of digital space complaining about the terrible decisions taking place within the brightly painted walls of Victory Records, but rushing another album from The Bunny The Bear is a new low point. I honestly find it impossible to believe any real fan of music appreciate this group or the lethargically heavy sound they create. If I’m wrong, tell us! Comment below and defend these poorly misguided musicians.

James Shotwell

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  • Righteousslaves1

    You need to read the four agreements and show my brother DRAC some love.

  • this has to be the worst “insert word here”- blogger or whatever you call this guy. 

  • I listen to Deicide, Suffocation, Gorguts, Hate Eternal, Testament, Exodus, Cathedral, Iced Earth, Fleshgod Apocalypse and STILL love TBTB more than all of those bands. Any arguements regarding close minded tastes are now proven invalid.

  • Keith_Nadolny

    Honestly, you propound nothing original or thought inspiring in your self-righteous hatefest.  You offer no real reason why this band is as terrible as you claim.  You simply hop on your small soapbox and rant and rave like some pseudo-intellectual elitist hipster.  Unfortunately for you, anyone with half a brain can read your poorly written dribble and see exactly that.  The only rational reason I can conjure up for you “hating” on this band (who happen to be personal friends of mine) is because you knew they have a legion of young fans who are all over the internet and as soon as word spread that you slighted them in the way you have, they would come to your site to defend the band, thus racking up hits and advertising dollars for your site.  If that is the case, you’re a scumbag genius.  I was personally in the room the day Matt started this band and from the start he has done nothing but push an ORIGINAL idea, which ended up getting noticed and has since grown into an very entertaining and artful project.  All art deserves review, unfortunately here you speak nothing of the music and I have to wonder if you actually know anything about art or music yourself.  Next time you want to review an album or artist your don’t like, be a professional critic.  Give us tangible reasons WHY you think the art is “terrible”.  Until then, keep your personal OPINIONS to yourself, because a hate filled opinion is NOT a review.

  • milkshake

    TBTB are an amazing band, they have a fresh sound that is unique and like no other. people these days just dont like anything new! There is no need to say bad things about this band if you dont like them then keep that to yourself. I love love love this band and so does my mom <3333

  • Jonathan Quick

     I would like to say that the writer of this article is jealous that he
    cant make music of his own and hates because TBTB is the shit. I think
    the writer is one of the 3 worst loads of sperm to actually make it to
    that slut of a mothers dirty ass ovaries and form a baby, unlike the
    other 3000000 loads of sperm that got shot in her nose, eye, face or
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    much of a bag of dicks you truely are. have a good day and dont forget,
    your helping promote them by posting this. any press is good press. so
    thanks for the contribution cum dumpster! ooh yeah, and jesus loves you.
    u should be glad that someone does.

  • Zm25

     Obviously I made the worst typo of my entire life. The only bands I DISLIKE in this little area of music. Those three bands are horrible wastes of space and don’t ever need to be making music again. 3 of the worst bands of all-time. Although not much can compete with Nickelback in terms of crap. My bad everyone, horrible typo.

  • Sportman8424

    I like toothpaste. It keeps my teeth nice a pretty.

  • MattTWIM

    First of all, I want to point out that you comment on James’ intelligence, yet all of your comments have been riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Also, you said that THEIR (you clearly can’t grasp the concept of there/their/they’re) music has good composition. Are you fucking kidding me? Where did you study music? Tell me, what makes a composition good? There are absolutely no transitions from part to part. There may not be autotune but, in my opinion, that could possibly make them better. The clean vocals are shaky and nasally and have an all around unpleasant tone. You praise the bunny for being able to play his parts on piano, even though he doesn’t live. ALL musicians should be able to play their own music, dumbass. Not to mention that anyone over the age of 7 should be able to play his simple synth parts. These guys very well could be cool, nice guys. That doesn’t make me like their music anymore. They have the right to make their music just like anyone has the right to dislike it.

  • MattTWIM

    And they play at small venues/clubs where most don’t even hold 1,000 people, not decent sized venues.

  • Faded

    Have you actually ever talked to William Francis [signer of Aiden] at a show or watched his videos on his YouTube? He most definitely is not a douche my friend. For example, let’s talk about his Control Project and his new album. Did you know that the proceeds from all the donations, a good chunk of it is going to a rehabilitation center to help others get sober? Oh, and did you also know if you donate a good portion of money in addition to that, you would get to be in the LINER NOTES of the album and you had the chance to have him play a live acoustic show for you and your friends? How is that being a douche exactly since he’s not like most artists where his head is so far up his ass, he can start smelling shit? That’s called giving back to the fans. 

    I can understand the hatred about TBTB being unfairly “pre-reviewed” and all, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Yeah, I hate TBTB as much as the reviewer does; however, that is no reason for him stating his opinion and everyone else getting so butthurt about it. Yeah, he could have approached it better but look at where we are at: we are on the internet where we can all openly express our views on things. If you are going to argue about that, you seriously need to find more time on your hands to learn that everyone is not going to enjoy the music that you like. Hell, I hate most “-core” bands. Why? Because I don’t enjoy it or I find it to be extremely stupid [AKA TBTB].

  • Faded

    Ah, yet another stuck up fan…

    Not everyone is going to like or conform to the musical styles that you listen to. I think you need to learn how to take an opinion instead of forcing your beliefs down other people’s throats. I hate TBTB as much as the reviewer does, it doesn’t make me an idiot for not liking their music since I find them to be overly obnoxious like several other “-core” bands. I think it is you who should get the pickle out of your ass and get out of the closet because not everyone is going to like what you like. It’s life, get over it.

  • Autotune

    dude his voice is auto tune ur fucking stupid 

  • Chambersselena83

    This band is actually somewhat okay your opinion of them is fine, but you just can’t say that they suck because when they are at concerts a helluva lot of people scream and yell and get excited for them. Them wearing masks just adds to the whole allure, and if they did suck so bad don’t you think they would have been dropped already? That may be your opinion but this is mine and this post you made is highly disrespectful, don’t make a post like this as if your word is law! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but know your role, limits and keep yourself in check, just sayin’.