Just a week after releasing Digital Renegade, I See Stars have answered a series of questions from UTG regarding their work on the record, promotional plans, and what it is they hope we all take away from things at the end of the day. Below you can find a transcription of our interview with vocalist Devin Oliver, which was conducted over email in the days leading up the records’ release. If you have yet to purchase the album, click here and grab a copy off iTunes.

UTG: When you entered the studio to record Digital Renegade, did you have any specific goals you hope to accomplish with the record? If so, what?

ISS: Our main goal was to write a good record using the writing roots we grew up with which led us in a heavier direction. Which was awesome haha!

UTG: The material released from Digital Renegade up to this point has showcased a much heavier sound than we found on your previous record. Should fans expect to hear more of this from the album, or are you just keeping the more pop-leaning tracks for later release?

ISS: Definitely! I’m proud to say we have all agreed this is the music we want to continue writing! Its only going to get better :)

UTG: I know roughly 2500 journalists have mentioned this point in the last year, but seeing as Zack was absent from the majority of the EOTWP sessions & writing, how would you compare the writing process for this record to the last?

ISS: It was really great to have Zach back writing this record. He was always an important element to the writing process!

UTG: Looking ahead, when can we expect to see the album’s first video? Which song?

ISS: We are discussing that now and the answer is soon!!! Im going to keep the song a secret though!

UTG: The artwork for Digital Renegade is your most unique to date. Could you please give us a little insight behind the design and concept of the packaging?

ISS: My brother Andrew came up with the concept. Its a man trying to break free from our “digital” world. It symbolizes what a lot of the songs are about which is encouraging people to divide themselves from this world that is so reliant on technology and in a lot of ways corrupt.

UTG: You have a history of referencing your album layouts in music videos, like the TVs in “3d” or all of “End Of The World Party.” Can we expect something similar with your promotion of Digital Renegade?

ISS: Yeah thats been our thing. I think we are going for a different vibe for this video. I guess you will just have to wait and see

UTG: Thematically speaking, a lot of the material that has surfaced from Digital Renegade seems to carry a “us vs. them” mentality. Would you say that is accurate and if so, is it a recurring theme of the album?

ISS: There are many messages hidden inside every song. A lot of songs such as Endless Sky, NZT48, and Digital Renegade are very political and encourage our fans to be aware and stand up for what they believe in. Times are crazy now in America and it’s important to us to spread awareness to our fans. Other songs such as Mystery Wall, Underneath Every Smile, IBelieve, and more are more about person struggles and/or experiences that anyone could relate to. The album as a whole has so much meaning. The only way to describe it is It’s about life.

UTG: As far as touring, can we expect to see more headlining and direct support from ISS in 2012?

ISS: Yes absolutely we are working on doing something like that in the fall

UTG: Do you have any final thoughts or comments on the record you want to share with fans? Anything you hope they take away from the album?

ISS: I am just excited to see kids getting the album. If people can relate to a song in their own way thats all we hoped for. Come experience the live show this year! Its going to be awesome we have a lot of great ideas!!

Written & conducted by: James Shotwell (Twitter)

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