Good Old War Performs “Loud Love” Acoustic


Good Old War sat down with AltarTV’s “Unplugged & Unrehearsed” series to perform their song “Loud Love” and the results are amazing.

The guys discuss the mean behind “Loud Love,” how it developed, and the interesting inspiration for the track as well. I am sure we can mostly identify with what Good Old War dealt with while writing this piece.

Please click through the jump to view their performance and feel free to comment with your thoughts on the results! We hope you enjoy.

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  • Idodirt

    love realized, compromised, harmonized, I am so grateful for the expression of feelings growing, showing, flowing, falling, falling in love, it’s so messy, on or off love rules, These guys are working out their personal lives’ struggles, and in front of us coming to grip with the tough reality that caring costs, enduring requires commitment through moods, and being melodic about  it all the while! Beautiful pain, beautiful gain, come back as rain rules. Seems they are composing and performing the soundtrack for my life..!