MUSIC VIDEO/STREAM: Dangerkids – “Countdown”


A few weeks ago, we heard some sad news. Ohio pop-rock outfit This Love disbanded, splitting into two new groups. The first of which is Red Hot Revival, comprised of This Love vocalist, Joe McFaddin and bassist Jacob Sims. The duo is doing their best to bring back straight Rock & Roll.

The second group was revealed today, this one with a different take on rock music. Comprised of six members, Andy Bane, Let’s Get It guitarist Tyler Smyth, Justin Morter, Jake Morter, and This Love guitarist and drummer Jake Bonham, and Katie Cole, respectively. Dangerkids released their debut single “Countdown” today accompanied by a music video and a download on iTunes.

From what this debut tells us, Dangerkids pack a heavy punch with elements of both hardcore rock and rap-rock, ringing a Linkin Park-esque reminiscence in the heads of their listeners. I’m talking Hybrid Theory/ Meteora era Linkin Park. There are a ton of elements to “Countdown.” It is, for a lack of a better word, huge. Dangerkids is the new band to watch.

EPILEPTICS BEWARE, this video is non-stop flashing. By clicking “read more”, you’ll find the video and a Soundcloud stream in case the video is too much for your eyes.

Jacob Tender

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