Justin Bieber Releases Song For His Mom, Makes Everyone Look Bad


Mother’s Day is Sunday, which means some of you may be crambling right now for keys and a jacket so you can head off to Hallmark before the afternoon mail goes out. If you knew of the upcoming holiday before this post, kudos, you’re better than a good chunk of our staff.

Last night, Justin Bieber did his best to make the rest of us look like chumps by releasing a song dedicated to his mother. The track, “Turn To You,” is every bit the emotional pop junkfood it sounds like it is, but something tells me that won’t matter to fans or the iTunes charts. You can stream the song after the jump.

Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video left us laughing, but “Turn To You” just makes us feel like we should be doing more with our lives (to impress our mothers, that is). What do you think of Biebs’ latest? Comment below and let us know!

James Shotwell

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