Brandon Bolmer (ex-Chiodos) Premieres “Light Years”

brandon bolmer

Former Chiodos vocalist Brandon Bolmer is wasting no time moving on in his musical endeavors and earlier today released the a new track from his latest project, Maskarade.

Entitled “Light Years,” one of the first tracks to surface from Maskarade blends electronic familiarities with Bolmer’s own brand of rock and roll. His croon is undeniable, and the way he pairs the sequencing to highlight the highest notes is impeccable. You can enjoy “Light Years” after the jump.

It is unlikely that Maskarade will be as big as Chiodos, but anything is possible. Bolmer is clearly passionate about the project and we’ll be keeping an eye out for more in the near future.

Tyler Osborne

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  • What a pile of shit. Stop trying to fit the current trend and make honest music. Dubstep-esque? You really had to go that route?

  • utgjames

    Brian, I’m with you all the way. While I love seeing Bolmer chase the dream, cashing in on trends is not the way to go.