EXCLUSIVE: A Track-By-Track Guide To Cinema Sleep’s “Make Your Way” EP

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Last week UTG delivered a stream of Cinema Sleep‘s incredible debut EP. If you have yet to hear the record, click here and experience what you have been missing.

Now that we’re all on the same page, I wanted to remind everyone that the Make Your Way officially went on sale this week. To help further promote the release, we partnered with the band once again to release a track-by-track guide for the record. Learn the meaning and story behind every track, below:

Through This House was written to address the struggles that every household goes through. The lyrics of the song pull from personal experiences of divorce and separation as well as the experiences of my bandmates. Although it was tough bringing up the subject and having both of my parents ask me about the meaning of the song I feel like they know I’m hoping for a positive resolution. I wanted to write a song that anyone in a similar situation could relate to because that is what music is about, it’s about bringing people together and
creating a positive outlet.

Light To Shadows is a song about the anxiety and stress that comes with making decisions that effect your future. The process for recording this EP was a very quick one and it was hard to get used to. I expressed my feelings of apprehension and wanting to create the best work possible in a rushed timeframe. Light To Shadows is about persevering in difficult times and overcoming obstacles to get to where you want or need to be.

Take Me Home was written about the people and events in my life that have affected me in a positive or negative way and how they influenced me in becoming the person that I am today. We all have a past and we’ve all got skeletons in our closet and this song is about realizing everything may not go the way you want or plan them to, but also learning from the past. It’s about finding out who you are and where you fit in, in the grand scheme of things.

In Dreams is a song written about knowing who you are as a person and sticking to your guns while doing what you know in your heart is right. It’s about realizing we are all different people and what is good for one person may not be the best lifestyle for everyone else.
It’s an optimistic outlook on the future; coming to terms with failures and shortcomings and using them as learning experiences.

The Response is just that, a response to everyone that has ever doubted me and my bandmates. It’s a call out to the fake people and also a “call to action” to the people with good hearts to not be discouraged by the negative people in their lives. This song means the
most to me because every single line is pulled straight from experiences in my life and it’s the most direct “response” to the people who have led me down the wrong path or muddied my intentions.

If you have the ability at all to support Cinema Sleep, please give what you can and support the future of this promising rock band.

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