Minus The Bear Release New Song


Indie rock outfit Minus The Bear have released a brand new song titled “Lonely Gun”. The new track is off of the Seattle rocker’s upcoming album Infinity Overhead due out August 28 on Dangerbird Records.

The band recently unveiled a minute long trailer for their upcoming album, which can be found here, that includes a snippet of the band’s track “Diamond Lightning”. Take a listen to the new song “Lonely Gun” here but be sure to comment and let UTG know what you think of the new jam. Also check out a statement from singer Jake Snider giving fans some incite on the inspiration for the new song past the jump

“‘Lonely Gun’ came out of a deep depression. I was thinking about how lonely an unused gun must be, it’s purpose unfulfilled, like a loveless relationship. The only way to allow it’s purpose is to hold it-use it.”

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