Ronnie Radke Comments On Arrest, Looks Ahead


While we still don’t have all the details surrounding the arrest of Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke on an outstanding warrant for alleged domestic assault, the morning has delivered an update. Though he chose to not speak about the situation directly, Radke did take to his Twitter last night with a few comments on the internet’s reaction. You can view an excerpt from his feed below (read from the bottom tweet, up):

From the looks of it, whatever happened on Monday has passed and Radke has his eyes firmly set on the future. Will fans follow suit? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Stay tuned.

James Shotwell

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    …Why is this tagged “Murder”?

  • TheDrugInMeIsYou

    I still love and support him(:

  • Erin

    Oh just leave Ronnie alone, he’s not doing anything anymore! Don’t you understand? Do you guys honestly think he’s gonna ruin his life like that again? NO. He LOVES Falling In Reverse and all of his fans and he’s even said in interviews that he’s done with all that stuff. Honestly whoever leaves him now are not true fans at all. We ALL make mistakes and there’s absolutely no need to start hating on him because of dumb shit like this. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! HE’S NOT DOING ANYTHING!!!

  • He does have a temper tho… :(

  • i think after what ronnie went through hes got his head firmly on his shoulders and he wont ruin his life again like that… so ne fan that leaves him is not rlly a dedicated fan at all… Ronnie needs his fans to hav his back after all the shit hes been through!

  • Other than allegedly beating his girlfriend who is an employee of the record label his band is signed to. You think they will be keeping him around if the charges stick? No. Do you think a girl would falsely accuse him of a serious offense like this and not only jeopardize his career, but hers as well? Highly doubtful.

    Drop the fangirl point of view for 3 minutes and look at the situation from a human perspective. A girl is claiming that she was assaulted by a man. That man was charged, dates are set, and he will stand trial. Being a true fan of his does not matter at this point. Record sales and YouTube hits won’t keep him out of jail if he is guilty.