NGHBRS Release Album Art and Tracklisting for Upcoming Mixtape


A few months back, I happened upon a band called NGHBRS whilst perusing the related artist’s section of Spotify. I was taken aback by the talent I heard and became instantly hooked.

Last year they released Hellomind, an 8 song album full of melodic guitar and vocals. It’s extremely catchy, but has you begging for more. Soon we’ll have more. Come August 30, NGHBRS will be releasing a brand new mixtape.

Here are the tracklist and cover art.

  1. Love, Come Down
  2. Beautiful Birds (Live Studio Session)
  3. Paper Limbs (Will McCoy Remix)
  4. Bodies (Live Studio Session)
  5. Drinking With Friends (Live at Converse’s Rubber Tracks)
  6. Hallows (Live at Converse’s Rubber Tracks)
  7. You’re The Tide

Jacob Tender

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