NEW MUSIC: Breather – “I, Alone”


I recently stumbled upon Breather. They are a six piece post hardcore outfit hailing from Los Angeles, California. They don’t have a lot of songs out yet, but today they released a brand new song titled “I, Breather”, and it’s a good one.

The first thing you may notice is that the lead vocalist sounds a little bit like Anthony Green (Circa Survive). The whole song is pretty ambient feeling, even when the unclean vocalist starts his screams. You can listen to this song by checking below the jump, and I would recommend that you do as such!

Be sure to head over to the band’s Facebook page to check out their other songs, and show some love by giving them a “like”!

Find Breather on:

Facebook | YouTube

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  • Steven

    wow, I almost mistook them for I the Breather

  • TruthTeller

    Yes! That’s what I said! Total copy except I,the breather is way better!

  • Dorian Great

    Well I must say he sounds similar to Anthony Green, but it sounds good. There’s no need for the screamer,he kind of ruins the song. He’s not really strong at screaming either. Lose the screamer & you’ll do fine.