EXCLUSIVE: Atlantic Avenue “When The Lights Go Down” Album Stream & Track-By-Tack

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Too much of a good thing is bad for everyone involved, and in many ways the age of social networking has had a similar impact on up and coming artists. Social networks and sites like ours have made it easier than ever for young talent to reach new eyes and ears, but that same simplicity has caused a digital flood of media that, at times, can be a bit overwhelming. We do our best to stay on top of things in order to deliver the latest and greatest music, but sometimes we fall behind and deserving artists get overlooked. Today that changes.

This Summer, Eulogy Records’ Atlantic Avenue quietly released their debut album, When The Lights Go Down. The album gained some traction on sites, but it was also shamefully overlooked by many others, including UTG. Having finally put our offices back in order from a Summer that was busier than any before, we only recently discovered the pop rock goodness that is Atlantic Avenue, and have decided we need to do whatever we can to make sure no one goes another week without having heard this awesome release. So we reached out to the band’s manager, partnered with PropertyOfZack, and came up with the perfect introduction for Atlantic Avenue. Click past the jump to stream When The Lights Go Down and read the stories behind each track, then visit POZ to claim a free download of “Overrated.” If you like it, share it! No gift is better than the gift of great, legally free music!

When The Lights Go Down is available now on iTunes. If you can’t afford the album, but want to show your support, click here and “Like” Atlantic Avenue on Facebook.

Wake Up:

Intro song to the album kind’ve as our way of saying,” you thought we went away, but we’re only getting started and not going away anytime soon”

The Fool I Am:

A song about the after effects of a relationship and moving on from it.


Overrated confronts the feeling of being content with the way you live your life and how the “normal” is simply overrated.

Let Go:

Let go is about letting down emotional walls, letting somone in rather than pushing them away before its too late


Is a tribute song to a friend/fan who passed away too young and is a song dedicated to her life

Talk Of The Town:

This song is about the girl at the bar who tries way too hard to be hot and ends up looking like a fool

Make This Count:

Make This Count is more or less our summer anthem. A toast to our friends about no matter what happens never forget the moments and memories that got us to where we are now.

This I Know:

A relateable song about loving the wrong kind of girl and knowing that no matter how difficult it may-be. she’s yours.

On The Westcoast:

On the west coast is about a girl who moved across the country to escape small town living to make it big and forget where she came from

Black And White:

Black and White is in reference to the lack of middle ground between right and wrong in friendship and relationships when you’re growing up and living your own life.

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  • EM10DO

    This band is extremely hard working and dedicated and it shows in this debut album and the past summers of touring. I dig the simplicity in an age where bands seem to almost try and do to much… Kudos fellas!

  • Dorott

    Love this band!