STREAM: Christina Aguilera – Your Body (Radio Premiere)


Christina Aguilera returned to America’s pop culture radar in 2011 through reality television, and now it’s time for her to return to the charts (maybe). Serving as the lead single to her forthcoming album Lotus, “Your Body” hits stores next week and packs one hell of a bang. This track is a straight-up dance song, with Christina’s undeniable vocals ripping through the beat, but I’m not sure pop fans will necessarily be wowed. Decide for yourself, after the jump.

We have not seen a lyric sheet for “Your Body” as of yet, but what the hell does it mean to “fuck your body”? Does that even make sense?

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  • Hunter

    WOW this song is amazing……love this song by Christina Aguilera…..amazing vocals

  • i love xtina

  • Fighter

    It’s a hit. She is a walking legend get used to it people. Godtina is here to slay.

  • Benjamin Parker

    Uh… She already returned to the charts last year with Moves Like Jagger… Christina is a legend so stop trying to treat her like a newbie… She’s not boo.

  • It’s Godney, bitch ! Not Floptina. And the song is disgusting tbh. The song was meant to be on Godney’s album “Femme Fatale” but she rejected it, and it ended up in Floptina’s album list, amazing, Floptina taking out Godney’s garbage, dear lord this is priceless and classy… NOT.