Ex-Ataris Drummer Rob Felicetti Comments On Kris Roe Meltdown


When not touring with Patent Pending as one of the most energetic (not to mention fun) guitarists in pop punk, Rob Felicetti has spent the last few years hitting the road as the drummer of The Ataris. Of course, this all changed on Sunday night when Ataris’ frontman Kris Roe had a meltdown mid-set that included hurling stage equipment at Felicetti, but prior to then things seemed to be going fine. TMZ managed to track down Felicetti to discuss the incident, and while Rob will admit he was having an “off night,” he insists he does not have a drinking problem.

When asked about his feelings towards the incident and Roe’s action, Felicetti responded:

“actions were petty, uncalled for, inexcusable, immature, and an embarrassment to both bands and fans alike.”

Later adding:

“Never have I felt more violated or betrayed by someone I once called a friend.”

Those following the story will know that Roe and the other members of The Ataris released a statement earlier this week stating that Felicetti had a drinking problem. As noted above, Rob denies this, and even goes as far as to tell TMZ that Roe never even mentioned such issues prior to the incident. You can read the full report, here.

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