Victory Records Welcomes Snow White’s Poison Bite; UTG Facepalms


Dammit, Victory. I try really hard to write as much positive dribble as I can about the band’s you still have, but then you go and sign a band with a name like Snow White’s Poison Bite and expect me not to fall out of my chair laughing. Well, if that’s what you were going for, you failed. Again.

This afternoon Victory Records sent out a press release announcing the signing of Snow White’s Poison Bite. I have never heard of this band before today, but one listen to the clip of “SplatterSplatterBloodSplatter” in the band’s introduction video was all I needed to realize the bulldog had somehow wrangled another gullible young act to its contractual hell. I’m not sure these guys would find a label to call home if Victory didn’t come calling, but that doesn’t mean they should have signed. Decide for yourself, after the jump.

James Shotwell

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  • Victory will never sign good bands they will sign any gimmick that they believe will make them money. This band is pretty much like Falling In Reverse and Victory knows they can sell them as that. I wish they would realize they would make more money in the long term with real bands making real quality music and stop trying to pump small shitty bands for cash for a few months before dropping them.

  • Nailed it. Well written.

  • Sounds like Radke, looks Like Biersack. Give me a break. What happened to Victory? Their glory days are gone and receding further with each signing. I find that they have nobody left of interest on their roster now and that saddens me.

  • Vivi

    I’m willing to give them a try