In The Process: Late Night Habit – Nostalgia, Part II

In The Process - Late Night Habit

One of the most interesting things about about music is the actual making of the music. The give and take, the writing, the scrapping, the re-writing, and the recordings that precede the final recording. This process is normally quite personal to artist(s) themselves, but we’re interested. So, we’ve asked some artists to include us in the process in hopes that they’d share. The first group to participate is Pop Rock two-piece, Late Night Habit.

Some may recall a band called Parade the Day. If you do, you might recognize the names Matt Wolk and Nick Marfing. These two were the former vocalist and guitarist, respectively, of the band. After the disbandment of their band, they set off on their own to start a new project (at first called Clouds & Cities) that would become Late Night Habit, a 90’s pop rock reminiscent powerhouse of melody and summer-sweet lyricism.

Their latest effort is the Nostalgia EP. Despite being just six stunning songs in length, the album had it’s own road to walk in order to get to it’s current state of perfection. To tell us about that journey, Nick has been courteous enough explain. This is part one of a two piece feature that will take you through the making of the entire EP with words and audio. Nick, take it away!

Hello fellow Under the Gunners. I’m Nick Warf and I play guitar in the 90’s rock experience known as Late Night Habit. We’ve partnered up with Under The Gun to bring you an exclusive look into the process of writing Nostalgia.

Part I of this behind the scenes look can be found here.

The Jersey Lines

Studio Version:

I found a massive upright piano on Craigslist and borrowed my dad’s truck to retrieve the beast. We got the piano back to my apartment building and it lived in the lobby for a few months until the elevator got repaired. It’s amazing how many people can’t walk by a piano without pressing a key. I digress… I wrote the piano part to Jersey Lines in the lobby.

Demo One:

Neither of us were too fond of the first demo. I had faith that with some tender love and care the song could be great, and hashed out a second demo that did the song some justice. In the studio we added a lot of intricacies. I think it sounds badass. I think you will too.

Demo Two:

Destroy What Destroys You

Studio Version:

Destroy is the most fun to play live. We built the song from the verse & chorus. I remember jamming the tune on my acoustic one evening. From the other room Matt came in whaling on a chorus melody. And it never changed.

Demo One:

The rest of the song took a while to put a bow on. Pieces fit quickly, but finding the right ones took time.

Demo Two:

Your Last Song

Studio Version:

Buried in the depths of data is a video Matt and I shot the night we wrote the tune. It’s one of the only songs we’ve written live without a demo. We released a b-side recording of the song. When we were sending our producers demos we decided to toss the b-side into the batch at the last minute. They both suggested that we re-record the song with some changes in mind.

B-Side Recording:

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