Band Hacks Aerosmith’s Website for Attention?


“Let’s start Halloween week off right, shall we?”

That’s what a group of musicians turned hackers said when they decided to hack Aerosmith’s official website earlier this week. Welcome to the new era of A&R, folks.

The band did not name themselves, but took to their commandeered webpage to explain that they really, and I mean REALLY, want to be heard by the aging rockers. Instead of going on American Idol, like the rest of the crazies who want to meet Steven Tyler, these people got creative. Hey, it got our attention. It could work!

Here is what they said on the site:

Look. This was not easy for us to do. Okay, technically, it wasn’t too tough. That’s not what we mean. It was a tough decision to make as a BAND because we know we’re causing you some headaches right now, and we love you guys. But what is an unknown band supposed to do today? How is a band supposed to get noticed?

Do you guys remember what it is like? We hope so. Its hard, and it sucks sometimes, the things you have to do. We fought about doing this. But we’re a band, so that just how it goes. You fight it out, every little decision. What you know you’re gonna play. When you’re gonna play. What you’re gonna eat, even when there is no money. Do you remember all the shit that goes on in a band? So we took a vote. We’re like a little fucking democracy. We have to be. We’re all we’ve got.

Look we just needed some attention here, that’s all. All we wanna do is play & Get our foot in the door. We don’t know the business. Yeah, this might suck doing this to you but we kept telling ourselves, if we didn’t think Aerosmith would love us, we wouldn’t do this. That’s the thing. You’ll freaking love us. You have to. We’re kind of like you. But we’re a little scared and a little freaked out and nobody really gets us and our parents are pissed and worried and we cant find a place to play… and we’re hungry most of the time but none of that shit really matters cause when we get together and play everything gets better. The world is different. There’s light. We all of a sudden get why we are here. It’s only when we unplug that things suck. (so we stay plugged in as much as possible.)

So would ya give us a shot? Do you remember being like this? Waiting for your wings? Cramped in a little apartment, living like animals? You did that too. We are doing what we can to survive. We don’t wanna beg borrow or steal. But it’s getting to that point. We’re not just some band. We are GOOD. We fucking rock.

Look, you’re gonna love us – we mean that. We don’t know what else what to do – we love the blues, we love the Stones we love the Beatles – we’re old school. We know you’ve got a new record coming out. We want that feeling. We want to have a record coming out. “A New Record” how fucking cool is that? And we will. Maybe because of how you might react to us. But we don’t know. This is just our shot to get your attention, do we have your attention?

Listen. promise to meet us, hear us, see us, we will expose ourselves to you and the world, have us arrested if you want to, we don’t care about that – just hear us. Just give us when and wgere with 2 days notice and we’ll be there.

This is our life….. the music, the pain, the love and the death and blood and the sweat – this is rock and roll – this is our fucking life – do you remember? Do you get us? Can you help us? Just a little bit? Sorry for this hassle – we do love you – always know that

The site has been like this for about 6 days now according to Noisecreep. There has been no word from the band or their publicist. What do you make of it? Legit hack, or promo for their upcoming album?

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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  • Zippie

    Makes no sense that its still “hacked”. Six days???? Timeline…. 0 hr hacked, 1-2 hrs webmaster notified, 30 min. site shutdown for “updating”. 1-2 hrs ALL FILES RESTORED. Total down time 3-5 hrs. WTF???