He Is Legend’s ‘I Am Hollywood’ Turns 8 Years Old Today


On November 2, 2004 Wilmington, North Carolina’s He Is Legend released their debut full-length album, I Am Hollywood, which would go on to become one of the greatest efforts in metalcore and southern rock that the genres have ever seen.

With imaginative storytelling, impressive musicianship and perfect vocal contributions from frontman Schuylar Croom, I Am Hollywood blew minds, set standards and pushed boundaries for its time. From the aggressive opener in “The Seduction” to the infectious and unforgettably heavy title track closer, this album spans sounds unlike anything heard at the time. I Am Hollywood has held its own over the years and is still completely relevant and unique in the scene today.

Get your copies of I Am Hollywood out, turn it up and sing those choruses at the top of your lungs or at least listen to a couple I Am Hollywood tracks after the jump!

Brian Leak

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