New Music Sunday-The Drama State


Under The Gun is all about supporting local acts from our respected areas in which we live. Indiana, being a hub mainly for hardcore, rarely breeds a pop-punk act that reminds me of old Fall Out Boy and The Starting Line.  However, I have finally found that band, so let me introduce everyone to The Drama State.

Formed from the ashes of Indiana’s Remember Paris, these gentlemen followed their passion for pop music.  They dropped the screamo act, renamed their band, had some lineup changes and in the end crafted an amazing pop-punk album titled Stories.  The band holed up this summer to record their Streaker Records debut at Threshold Studios, which is owned and operated by “Bone,” guitarist of Armana Reign.

The Drama State also recently filmed a video for their first single, “If Your Left Ear Itches,” which you can view after the break. This is the first video that Bone has also filmed and produced. If you enjoy what you hear, you can pick up a copy of “Stories,” here.


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