Sounds Familiar: Week 7

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Continuing our expansion of original content, Under The Gun Review presents its latest column, Sounds Familiar, dedicated to trawling the world and web for the latest remixes, redos, and reminiscent bits that our newest columnist Julia McAlpine finds appealing. Be prepared for some diversity in your music library. The songs may not be new, but they will be different and worth a spin.

If you have a remix or cover that you would like to see featured here, let us know! Write with the subject “Sounds Familiar” and we’ll take a listen!

Soko – “I’ll Kill Her” (Hannes Fischer Remix)

If you’ve never listened to Soko, you’re in for a treat. I should warn you that she’s a bit of a twisted treat; this French chick is self-deprecating and talk-sings her way through songs. She combines her open jealousy with a story-telling style, making her a cynical, European Taylor Swift of sorts. This Hannes Fischer remix gives “I’ll Kill Her” a mellow beat and helps to outweigh some the dark humor in Soko’s performance (not too much, though — that would defeat the purpose of anything Soko).

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Charli XCX- “You’re the One” (St. Lucia Remix)

I’m keeping an eye (my ears?) on English singer-songwriter Charli XCX — her throaty vocals remind me of Zola Jesus (one of my faves) and she’s only twenty years old! I love almost everything St. Lucia does, and this remix of “You’re the One” is no exception. This track is simply fun and catchy with that injection of eighties-inspired synth that seems to be the undercurrent of most recent remixes. Fine by me!

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The Civil Wars – “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson Cover)

There’s been a lot of recent drama surrounding this talented duo, unfortunately (canceled tour dates, rumored break-up). But with the hopes that their hopes of creating new music in 2013 come true, here’s The Civil War’s great cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean performed live. The Civil War’s vocal control is astounding, and I love how blues-y this cover is. I also just realized how ironic their name is considering their current drama. Now I’m distracted. Let’s push that aside and enjoy the song.

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Björk – “Virus” (Hudson Mohawke Peaches & Guacamole Remix)

I actually haven’t listened to a lot of Björk’s music; I usually just associate her with the iconic swan dress and Iceland. Mostly the swan dress. This remix of “Virus” is so lovely; the instrumentals create a bit of a Sigur Rós sound (thanks, xylophone!) and gracefully accompany Björk’s passionate vocals. While this isn’t the most outright catchy track, it grows on you, and the poetric lyrics take on more life with each listen.

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Wanderhouse – “Use Me Up” (Ianborg Remix)

Although the lyrics of this track are sort of sad and desperate, I love the effect of combining Wanderhouse’s breathy vocals and the strong electronic accompaniment of Ianborg. This remix allows Marie Moreshead to sound confident and brave in her vulnerability, while the original track has a bit of a pity-party vibe. In fact, this remix leans a little sultry. Which is rarely, if ever, a bad thing.

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That’s it for this week! Julia is going to go eat everything in sight to prepare for Thanksgiving. You know, stretch out her stomach with copious amounts of baked goods. Because that’s how that works.

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