DRAMA: Pusha T Disses Lil Wayne (Again)


I love Pusha T’s music the way pop punk boys and girls cling to crewneck sweatshirts when we all know zippered hoodies provide more overall warmth and comfort. This week he returns to the headlines of UTG for saying the kind of things about Lil Wayne that I know the majority of the staff has jokingly commented on from time to time, as well as the majority of the jaded drunken geniuses who pontificate to one another about everything that’s “wrong” in current pop culture over 80s classics in bars on weeknights.

Tl;Dr version: Pusha T thinks Lil Wayne fell off, and he’s taking his opinion public in a new verse on the Ludacris track, “Tell Me What They Mad For.” The song will appear on Ludacris’ upcoming album, Ludaversal, and recently a snippet appeared online. In the track, Pusha spits:

“With your baby mama fucking every rapper in the business
Niggas saying you was better when the drugs was in your system
Now your crack swag gone ever since u came from prison
Got you tweeting all stupid, is you skatin’, is you dissin’
Found out your ghost leased and your phantom just rented
Won’t leave it in your name like Pac when he went missing
Makaveli lives on so I’m riding on you bitches”

You can stream a teaser of the track after the jump.


James Shotwell

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