Finch Issue Apologetic Statement On Lack Of Tour Dates


Recently reunited rock band Finch has released a statement from guitarist Randy Strohmeyer on the band’s tour dates (or lack thereof) on their Facebook page. The band announced its final dates for their reunion, and left off much of the midwest and west coast of the United States, and only two international dates – one in London, and one in Toronto.

This apparently caused some fans to grow agitated with the band, so they issued a statement explaining their reasoning that reads apologetically. Their regular lives have got in the way of being able to do a full tour,  saying “We are normal people with pretty normal lives”. They “don’t have and future plans yet” but that the future is “unwritten“.

It’s worth the read – it sounds like they’re sorry they didn’t get booked to play your living room. For the full statement as well as the complete tour dates, click “Read more”.

Hey guys, it’s R2. I posted this in a thread just now but I feel it needs special attention. So I’m making a status update with it… 

Dear everyone who is upset about us not coming to your state or town. I feel like I have to explain something and get real. I’m reading the comments and feel like we’re under attack of the things we’ve said and meant. When I say we have the best fans in the world 

I fucking mean it! We do have the best fans in the world. No doubt in our heads about that. Look at you. 10 years since WIITB came out and you’re here reading what i’m saying right now. That’s amazing! You’re amazing and we know that. 

The BIG issue that seems to be upsetting quite a bit of you is the “tour” that we’re doing. There are a few things you must know, we are not above anyone and we never were. Finch was pronounced dead a few years ago. We are normal people with pretty normal lives. It’s sad to lose your (my love – Finch) but it’s the reality I face now. Just like most of you, we too have other responsibilities that we can’t just get out of for a month or two to tour the world. We have families that need our attention as well as jobs and school catch up on and we need to take care of them. We are committed to do what ever can within reasonable means to play, and so far this is all we’ve been able to offer. 

This, what is happening right now is some sort of miracle. We never even thought doing these shows could even be a possibility. We also learned never to say never… The last thing on earth we want to do is disappoint y’all. We truly love you and owe everything that is even able to get us to these other towns to play shows to you, all of you, even if we can’t see you in your town. 

Truthfully we we’re just gonna do one show at the Glasshouse, which is super close to where we all live for fun and go on with our lives as normal, but then we started to get opportunities to go to a few other towns that wouldn’t interfere too much with what we have at home, so we went with it. I’m sure you all can relate to our situation.

Understand that we are a dormant band that haven’t played together for years and had zero intention on doing so, but this seemed fun. I hope in all my heart that this isn’t “it” but I cannot really say yes or no certainly for that. I can only speak for myself when I say that I would love to get around to all of your towns where it is convenient for you to get to and play the What it is to Burn show. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about you if we can’t play every state like every normal functioning band promoting a new record. We don’t have and future plans yet, it is still unwritten. If you can make it out to a show, please do! I promise we will melt you and please come say hello. I’d love to thank you all in person. 

Anyways, I hope you see where we are coming from. Thanks for taking the time to read this incredibly long post. It means a lot to me and I know the other guys as well. Love and respect to you all from the bottom of my heart, sincerely, all yours- Randy Strohmeyer

p.s. If you want to speak directly with me I have a facebook page and we can talk about whatever, even how you’re still sooo pissed at finch. I hope I can put a band aid on it and convince you we’re still worth your ears @dandyrvndy

Feb 01 Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse
Feb 02 Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse
Feb 08 Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse
Mar 07 Chicago, IL @ The Metro
Mar 08 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews
Mar 09 Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
Mar 12 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Mar 14 Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore
Mar 15 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
Mar 16 Boston, MA @ Royal Boston
Mar 22 London, UK @ Brixton Academy

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