Keyboardist To Leave Adestria After Tour


Adestria‘s long time keyboardist, Mikey Colasardo, has announced that after the band’s current tour he will be parting ways with the band to pursue some new career opportunities. While many of us are sad to see him leave the band, we wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.

He has written a very lengthy statement via the band’s Facebook page, and you can read what he had to say by checking below the jump. According to the band they still plan on moving forward as before and are currently in the process of writing a new CD. They have not indicated whether or not they plan to keep keys in their future music or not.

You can read the full statement by checking below the jump.

Hello everybody,
As some of you may have heard already, I, Mikey will be leaving the band AFTER this last tour to pursue a career opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. For a few years now I have been working within the music industry creating many of the lyric videos, music videos, and promotional videos you see today. Music and art are my two biggest passions and I now have a chance to continue doing both as a career. This band has been my heart and soul for the last 5 years and I can honestly say music has changed me and turned me into the person I am today. Without this band and the amazing times I’ve had while playing shows, touring, and just living the life; I don’t know who I’d be.

This was not an easy decision for me to make but I am ready to start the next chapter in my life. I can’t thank everyone enough for the support over the years and can easily say this band wouldn’t be where we are today without many of you. Thank you everyone who bought pre-sale tickets from us, screamed our words at shows, danced in the pit, crowd surfed, let us sleep on their couch while touring, fed us when we were broke, and everyone who just came to the shows. We have always been a band who prides ourselves in our live show. To me, this music is all about Passion > Production.

There are absolutely no hard feelings between the guys and I; and I wish them the best luck in the world. They have been my best friends over the last few years and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss the shit out of them. They are already writing some new tunes for another full length CD coming out sometime next year.

Again thank you guys for everything and the support you’ve shown us. PLEASE come say goodbye at our remaining tour dates and of course at THE END OF THE WORLD SHOW in San Diego. I honestly can’t think of a better note to the leave the band on than playing in our hometown with a show packed with some of my best friends in the music industry.


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