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Gary Gulman Feature

Gary Gulman returns to Comedy Central in the network television premiere of “Gary Gulman: In This Economy,” debuting on Saturday, December 8 at 10:00 p.m. In the special, Gulman takes on the absurd realities of living in a financial crisis, and, in front of a sold-out live audience at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, he gives the kind of financial tips one can’t get from Wall Street, explains how constantly watching movies helps save money, puts millionaires in perspective, and imagines a conversation between Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

“In This Economy” features Gulman at his hometown best, as he clearly revels in performing to his home crowd. And while the comedian earlier this year released his new CD, “No Can Defend” – which does contain a little bit of overlap in terms of material – the new special is still chock-full of hilarious material that will still be very new to fans when the special airs this weekend.

“I’ll be working at the Stress Factory in New Jersey that night, so I think it will be the last time I can get away with doing the jokes without feeling guilty about it,” Gulman recently told me in an interview. “Now you have to write a new act every year, or try to, or else you’ll get lazy. It’s crazy.  There is some crossover between the CD and the special, which only about 500 people will notice, but it’s still painful. I’m probably 20 or 30 minutes towards the next one – I should be further along, but what are you going to do? I’m doing my best I guess.”

Gulman has been performing comedy for over fifteen years and has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Craig Kilborn, Last Call with Carson Daly, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Comedy Central, Showtime Presents Gary Gulman, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, Jimmy Kimmel Live, HBO’s ‘Dane Cook’s Tourgasm,’ Last Comic Standing Seasons 2 and 3 (in which Gulman finished as runner up), and was a guest star on Last Comic Standing Season 4.  He has also performed at the NASCAR Year End Banquet (3 times), New York Comedy Festival (performed at Madison Square Garden), HBO’s Las Vegas Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival and Just For Laughs Gala in Canada. He was the host of New England Sports Network’s Comedy All Stars and New England Emmy Awards and appeared on National Lampoon’s Rising Stars DVD.

Gulman will take on everything from Blockbuster Video to the Karate Kid when “In This Economy” airs this weekend, in usual hilarious Gulman-style.

“I love Netflix – chief reason of all: they brought Blockbuster to its knees. Rot in hell, Blockbuster! Rot in hell! Rot in hell with your outrageous late fees, surly sales staff and criminally loose definition of ‘new releases’,” Gulman quips. “Why is this in new releases? Because it’s color? It’s Braveheart goddammit! We didn’t even know Mel Gibson hated Jews when this came out!”

In addition to the debut of his new special, Gulman is hard at work putting together a new set to take to the Letterman stage as well as his next special.

“I’m trying to finalize a Letterman set. I was going to do it as part of the promotion but then I got bumped, essentially, so Dustin Hoffman could do an entire episode – which is fine, because he’s a friend so I don’t mind.  At least it was by somebody I’m very close to. I’ll try to put together a set that doesn’t have anything from the special to do, hopefully the beginning of next year around the first couple of weeks of January.  I haven’t done Letterman since the first Bush admin – no, not the first Bush. I haven’t done it since February of 2000,” Gulman cites. “I’ve been trying to do a lot of spots in the city at the Comedy Cellar and whatever other rooms I pop into. I’ve been really busy and I’ve been touring with Louie, so I’m actually doing a week right before Christmas with him, and then the first week after New Year’s – I’m doing the show at Symphony Hall in Boston with him, so that’s a lot of fun. It’s really cool, I like working with him. He’s so funny, so great, and I get to stay in the same hotel as him and also fly in the private jet, so it’s really cool. And also, you get to do theaters which are really fun. The crowds are awesome.  It’s a different sound from the audience that you’re not used to – it’s an adjustment. I wouldn’t say I prefer it, because I still like the comedy clubs but the good thing is, there’s not as much heckling or people who feel they want to add. It’s not so much heckling I deal with, it’s people who feel they have a better ending to a joke. They want to yell something out, or feel like a part of the show. At the theater, it’s much more unlikely that someone wants to participate. There’s a code of behavior that people try to abide by.”

Be sure to catch the premiere of “Gary Gulman: In This Economy” when it airs on Saturday, December 8 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central!

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