Sounds Familiar: Week 9

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Continuing our expansion of original content, Under The Gun Review presents its latest column, Sounds Familiar, dedicated to trawling the world and web for the latest remixes, redos, and reminiscent bits that our newest columnist Julia McAlpine finds appealing. Be prepared for some diversity in your music library. The songs may not be new, but they will be different and worth a spin.

If you have a remix or cover that you would like to see featured here, let us know! Write with the subject “Sounds Familiar” and we’ll take a listen!

Seven Lions – “Days To Come” (Coyote Kisses Remix)

Each time I listen to this remix,  I appreciate it more. It has a unique appeal that sets it apart from other such electronic remixes — part of this may stem from the fact that Coyote Kisses has an usual approach to remixing. The electric guitar that contributes to the distinct sound of this track was actually live-recorded by the guys of Coyote Kisses, making this song a blend of classic instruments and synth. I love the edginess of the electric guitar paired with the delicate vocals of Seven Lions — it’s the ideal blend of elements. By which I mean it’s straight-up awesome.

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Chromatics – “Ceremony” (New Order Cover)

The original “Ceremony” is an enchanting eighties track that I’ve loved for some time, and this cover really emphasizes the intoxicating qualities of the song. I love the soothing vocals of Ruth Radelet and the slower tempo Chromatics gives their rendition. The basic elements that make the original amazing are left intact here; the song is just given a sultry, haunting refreshment. Ermahgerd, ser gerd.

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Zedd Feat. Foxes – “Clarity” (Aylen Remix)

Zedd and Foxes make a great duo, and Aylen adds extra spark to an already amazing track. I love vocally driven electronic songs, and Foxes definitely holds her own here. This. Jam. Is. Powerful. Seriously, this might be more energizing than an afternoon coffee run (only go for both on an remarkably sluggish day — the combination might be overstimulating).

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Cults – “Bad Things” (Alex Young Remix)

Cults is one of those lesser-hyped New York City indie bands that automatically makes you feel like a cool person with cool-person taste whenever you listen to them. I love that this remix has a sort of bold, dark sound; it’s the perfect soundtrack to some act of rebellion or daring, self-confident training montage. In other words, Alex Young certainly brought out the title of the song.

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 Sóley – “I’ll Drown” (Moritz Guhling’s Tränen Remix)

This remix is over seven minutes long, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. It’s calm, catchy, and sustains itself for the entire duration of the track. Maybe it’s because Sóley is an Icelandic artist and a member of the always-lovely Seabear; it makes sense that her music would be ethereal and addictive like many other related artists. Mortiz Guhling takes this mellow tune and gives it an appropriately relaxed, fitting beat. A lot of good stuff going on here.

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That’s it for this week! Julia is going to go watch the trailer for the second season of HBO’s Girls. This is for the umpteenth time, mind you, as she is utterly obsessed with all things Lena Dunham.

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