LIVE VIDEO: Captain Murphy X Earl Sweatshirt – “Between Friends”


For those who haven’t been following along, Captain Murphy has been a quiet secret amongst the rap community with an identity highly debated amongst bloggers and hip hop enthusiasts.

Most have seemed to believe that the Cap’n is none other than Tyler the Creator or perhaps his Odd Future brother Earl Sweatshirt. Similarities most certainly exist and the latter of those artists are to have even known to have worked with the masked menace.

Now we know that Captain Murphy is actually the stage rapping moniker of producer Flying Lotus who was known to have produced all of the tracks found on Murphy’s debut mixtape “Duality” which you can download here. At a show in LA earlier this week, Lotus took the mask off to reveal his identity (I wish he hadn’t.)

Below you can find video of the reveal as well as some footage of his song with Earl.



Jacob Tender

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